We are the PALMA PROJECT Helping students become GREATER through Leadership, Collaboration, and Technology to create thriving communities and a rewarding future! 03:19 VIDEO DURATION

this is who we are

Helping to make your GOOD GREATER

The Palma Project seeks to be a gateway for school-age and post-secondary students to shine, excel, and become effective leaders of their communities by learning our project management 3C’s: Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking.

Our purpose is to provide students with increased opportunities to grow in their confidence and career potential as they learn to apply leadership, technology, collaboration, and project management skills in their daily lives.

The Palma Project ensures that students, the leaders of tomorrow, stay competitive and aligned with 21stCentury needs and opportunities to excel in life.

Trainings & Workshops that Develop Pioneering Leaders for Tomorrow

Project Management

Learning and applying project management tools & concepts through our 3C’s.

Soft Skills

Learning and applying how to effectively interact & lead through our 3C’s.

Get Involved

We would love to partner with you, to help effectively provide OUR students with programming & services.

Take the 3C’s Challenge

Use our FREE one-page guide to see if you know the level of understanding your youth or young adults have in each of the 3C’s.