Building Tomorrows Leaders

The Palma Project seeks to be a gateway for school-age and post-secondary students to shine, excel, and become effective leaders of their communities by learning our project management 3C’s: Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking.

Our purpose is to provide students with increased opportunities to grow in their confidence and career potential as they learn to apply leadership, technology, collaboration, and project management skills in their daily lives.

The Palma Project ensures that students, the leaders of tomorrow, stay competitive and aligned with 21st Century needs and opportunities to excel in life.

Trainings and Workshops that Develop Pioneering Leaders for Tomorrow

Project Management The Palma Way

Projects exist in every part of their lives. Through uniquely designed real-world collaborative projects, activities and instruction, each student learns about collaboration, communication, time management and more.

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Management Tools and Concepts
  • Project Manager Extraordinaire

Soft Skills The Palma Way

Our workshops provide students the opportunity to build a higher-level of confidence and a set of transferable soft skills that will enable them to take control of their life and future careers.

  • Soft Skills: Communication & Collaboration
  • Soft Skills: Stakeholders
  • Soft Skills: Leadership
  • Soft Skills: Planning & Time Management
  • Soft Skills: Team Work/Team Building
  • Project Management in Technology

Join Us in Creating Change!

We’re on a mission to transform lives and communities through education. The Palma Project seeks partnerships with 501(c)(3) organizations, foundations, and government agencies. Together, we can identify and empower lower-resource students, break the cycle of low-wage earners, and foster leadership, innovation, and creative actions.

Join us in bridging the academic gap, teaching valuable skills, and implementing proactive problem-solving. Together, we’ll provide opportunities, confidence, and a growth mindset.