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We Need YOUR Partnership!

Our primary audience includes 501(c)(3) community-based organizations, foundations, and government agencies. Our goal is to partner with these entities, via their current framework, to identify lower-resource students and stand in the gap as they learn skills that will enhance their lives, their future careers, and their communities. The Palma Project also seeks to receive funding, through foundations, grants, and other sources, to create an environment that supports and encourages growth of our infrastructure.

The Palma Project seeks to bring change by:

Conveying the essentials needed to break the cycle of low-wage earners.

Highlighting the importance of leadership skills and techniques that develop and sustain innovation, inspire creative actions, and influence the greater good.

Bridging the academic gap by teaching soft skills, design, and technology that will help students and their communities thrive and prepare for generations to come.

Implementing a proactive approach to problem-solving rather than reactive.

Providing increased human capital, opportunities, confidence, growth mindset, and the desire to succeed and excel.